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Boyd Brothers was founded in 1931 and is a third-generation family owned business. The company has more than 100 employees and provides publication and general commercial printing services for clients throughout the southeastern United States. The advanced capabilities of the Boyd Brothers Printing operation belie its humble roots that trace its origin back to a $175 transaction in 1931. That modest investment by the grandfather of current president Jim Boyd, Jr. has evolved into the current version of Boyd Brothers; A high-quality commercial printer with an extensive equipment list that includes a Goss Sunday 2000 web press and two Heidelberg eight-color SM 102 Speedmasters with perfectors and CutStar roll sheeters. The Panama City, Florida commercial printer serves the southeast United States with a complete digital prepress department, and a comprehensive postpress and mailing operation.

One of the primary reasons for Boyd’s success has been a management philosophy of never being content to rest on past accomplishments or present capabilities. That thinking prompted Jim to examine his company’s sheetfed orientation and to expand it into the web arena. His choice was a Goss Sunday 2000 press, a four-unit, highly automated system with a 57-inch web width designed for fast makereadies and low waste. The acquisition of the Goss press is just one example of the company’s overall investment in its future. The Sunday system was the fifth new press in the last seven years and the first to operate in the new, 50,000-square-foot facility constructed right next door to the original facility.

“Our perfectors, including roll-to-sheet presses, are extremely productive and efficient,” says Jim, who has been involved in the family business for about 12 years. “But we had gone as far as we could in the sheetfed environment, and we knew it. At a certain run length, web presses become very competitive, and we had customers who were sending web work to other printers. We saw that the web press could provide excellent quality and service that we could bring to our customers.”

“We basically look at the new plant as an integrated manufacturing process,” says Jim. “The paper rolls in at one end, and finished books come out the other. Everything travels in one direction, nothing back tracks, so we are minimizing labor and maximizing efficiency. More importantly, there is substantial room for growth, and we will undoubtedly add a second web press in the not-too-distant future. Still, it’s not just a matter of producing higher volume,” he cautions. “The only way to last in this business is to be able to produce work more efficiently than anybody else. This plan started forming years ago, and it is not something you do overnight. In the long term, the Sunday press gives us a tremendous jump start on reaching our long-range objectives.”

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has long been one of the leading providers of press delivery systems. The well-established and proven Avanti Log Stacker, has been further developed to meet increased production requirements. All important production parameters such as formats, stacking pressure, bundle advancing speed and the number and position of straps can be entered and stored with the innovative Job Management System. Memorized jobs can be easily and immediately recalled and reprooduced.
Even greater automation with the Amrys option. The automatic make ready system Amrys allows all data to be immediately called up from the job management system and transferred to the various parameters.

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Jim Boyd Jr. (left) and Jim Boyd Sr. (right) with the AvantiPlus log stacker in the all new 50,000-square-foot facility constructed right next door to the original facility. The high level of automation and perfect bundle formation, combined with greater flexibility in palletizing, have made AvantiPlus the new star performer in the world of press delivery.
When a consumer purchases FSC-certified paper and other print products, they are contributing to the conservation, management, and the community from which the wood products come from. Having FSC, PEFC and SFI Chain-of-Custody certification assures our customers of Boyd Brothers commitment to proper management of environmental resources.